Personal & Employer Branding | Your Elevate 30 Glide Path to Successful Strategic Leadership Employment MATCHMAKING [Not Headhunting, Recruiting, or "Staffing"] 

Tired of the Broken HR | Talent Acquisition System?! Us too!!!


From Small to Large Companies, they admit the HR System is Broken but it’s [Currently] the ONLY System they have




Although we are NOT Headhunters, Recruiters, or a “Staffing Company”, we Train, Certify, & [Directly] Place Strategic Leaders when the Matchmaking Makes Sense.


This IMMEDIATELY Adds Tangible & Intangible Value to the Individual and the Company by Increasing ONGOING:

  • Information
  • Access
  • Resources &
  • Time [Savings & Valuing].


1. Offer [From Confusion to Confidence]

3-Phase [Conquer, Train, Execute] Glide Path Plan of:

Personal & Professional Branding designed to take you from Where You Are Now to Where You Want to Be

Career Matchmaking through:


Phase 1 [Conquer]
  • Inform | Educate |Train | Initiate
  • Personal | Employer Branding
  • Mindset Shifts
  • At-A-Glance Brand Training [LinkedIn, Web, Resume, etc.] 
  • Strategic Calendar Sharing [What do You Need & When]
  • Strategic Leadership Ongoing Value

Phase 2 [Train]

  • Learn | Prepare | Elevate
  • Continuing Education
  • Strategic Leadership Certification
  • Resume Adjustments
  • Job Fair Connection Training
  • Convention Connection Training
  • Associations | Membership Training
  • Networking Training
  • Connection Training
  • Interview, Body Language, Tonality Training
  • Mock Interviews

Phase 3 [Execute]

  • Act | Refine | Celebrate
  • Agent | Represent |Negotiate | Place | Continuing Ed | Celebrate
  • Direct Placement Agent Agreement Signed
  • Guaranteed Interviews
  • Offer Representation
  • Benefits Negotiation
  • Leadership Position Acceptance
  • ONGOING [Information | Access | Resourses | Time [Saving & Valuing]


Our Success Story is just beginning.  Continuing Education, Staff Augmentation, Elevation, & Celebration of Veteran Initiatives Continues!!!




Ascension | Veteran Initiatives | Personal Employer Branding | Your Elevate 30 | Glide Path
Ascension  | Veteran Initiatives | Your Elevate 30 | Glide Path | Matchmaking
Ascension | Veteran Initiatives

2. Benefit

Individual | Employer ROE (Return On Engagement)

I am dedicated to ensuring any Ascension-hosted event is a Solid Accountable, Predictable, & Ongoing ROE for our Sponsors, Vendors, & Guests.  We’ve implemented Accountability Technology to Increase Valuable ROE and tell the True Success Stories we produce Together!!!


That begins with a Cycle of:

  • Attitude – We are all here to Elevate and Celebrate Veteran Initiatives from Local to Global.
  • Connection – You have to Truly Connect with this event, this cause, and this plan.
  • Implementation – You have to Implement your part in this Success Strategy.
  • Follow Through – You have to Follow Through, Adjust when Necessary, and Continue this Cause.


     Join Us!!!

     Albert Winks, MS

     Founder | President


Initial 3o-Minute Your Elevate 30 Glide Path Plan Consultation

  • 30 minutes for a Free Value-Packed No-Obligation Consultation where you and I Collaborate through a Multi-Step [3 Phase | Conquer, Train, Execute] Glide Path Plan of Personal and Professional Branding designed to take you from Confusion to Clatiry to Confidence.
  • This session also is a way for us to determine if it’s right for us to work together. If not, we depart as friends and you Keep Your Glide Path Plan as a Value to You.
  • When we decide to work together, we discuss the Next Steps of a Pay-As-You-Go plan and we begin to Conquer, Train, & Execute Your Success!!!


After we Decide to Work Together:

  • 30-minute calls so you and I can Collaborate, Plan, Implement, & Evaluate your Glide Path until you outgrow your concern.
  • This is Pay-as-You-Go and not an ongoing contract. Why? Because, if our Values, Passions, and Expectations to work together align, I want to work with you. If we don’t feel it is working or you grow past the current issues, you and I can either part ways as friends or move on to the next opportunities to work together.
  • Let’s Conquer, Train, & Execute Your Success!!!


3. Cost


Again, you begin with a FREE Initial 3o-Minute Your Elevate 30 Glide Path Plan Consultation


Retainer & Monthly Payments

  • Retainer – We’ve found retainers work best in scenarios where we collectively need to get something accomplished, whether a Product or Service completed, in the smoothest way possible.  The Retainer will be held and used as necessary to accomplish goals until our time together comes to a close.  The remaining, if any, retainer will then be returned in whole or part.
  • [NotePayments are not to be taken from the Retainer.



  • Starting at $997 Retainer
  • Payments starting at $197

Employer [Small | Medium]

  • Starting at $2,497 Retainer
  • Payments starting at $997

Enterprise Level

  • Starting at $4,997 Retainer
  • Payments starting at $2,497


4 . Next Steps


Initial 3o-Minute Your Elevate 30 Glide Path Plan Consultation


  • Complete Registration at [Step 5] and
  • Schedule Your Time at your desired level via the Calendar Link that is shown to you on the Thank You page.