Transitioning [Army] Pilots

Are you a Pilot-in-Transition wanting to Create Multiple Income Streams [yes Pilot-Employer Matchmaking is one Path] by Elevating Your Personal Brand…Before, During, and After the 2018 Heli Expo in Las Vegas and Quad A in Nashville?!?!


Problem: Awesome Aviation Leaders like Stacy Sheard and Marc Stanley, Mil2Civ Helicopter Trainers & Mentors, have Identified Multiple Key Issues when it comes to Transitioning Pilots

A few are:

  • It's not What you Know...It's Who you Know. Network and Connect-with-Purpose. 
  • Have a Purpose!!! Your personality is Your Advantage!!! 
  • Your Personal Brand. LinkedIn, Resumé, Dress, Personality.


Also, when you are Transitioning, you need to pick 1 of the 3 because you are, at best, going to get 2 of the 3 for your first few years in the Civilian World:

  1. Personal Fulfillment
  2. Professional Fulfillment
  3. Financial Fulfillment



Ascension is Hero for Army Helicopter Pilots wanting to Discover Their Story and Core Message to Create Multiple Income Streams as an Author, Trainer, Speaker, Consultant, or Expert while Attracting Instant and Ongoing Clients. Ultimately Building them a Business of Fulfillment Elevating Lives from Local to Global


I believe, our Army Helicopter Pilots are Heroes on the Battlefield but come home to join the Civilian World with a Gap in Your Potential and in Your Heart.


You have a Life Story to Tell, you have Life Lessons to Teach, and you have a Core Message to Share with the World.


And I believe that You can Build an Authority Brand with Your Experience and you can Instantly Enroll High Quality Clients, maybe More than You’re Already Attracting and You can have a Business of Fulfillment while You’re Elevating Lives from Local to Global.


Ascension’s From Heroes To Heroes | Elevation Glide Path is a multi-step process taking our Pilots From Heroes on the Battlefields To Heroes at Home!!!


Ascension Leadership Certification:
1. Discover Your Story
2. Develop Your Core Message
3. Create Content & Programs
4. Structure Pricing
5. Attract Initial Clients
6. Develop Your Enrollment System
7. Deliver to You Instant & Ongoing Clients


Join Ascension as we Initiate, Elevate, & Celebrate Your Personal Branding!!!


We offer 2 Levels of Low or No-Cost in-person Training happening Before, During, & After the Heli Expo & Quad A !!!



This is HUGE!!! The Largest Helicopter Expos in the World!! How is Your Personal Brand?!?!


In-Person Personal Branding Training from Ascension Founder | President [former MEDEVAC Pilot] Albert Winks, MS

  • FREE Tips, Best Practices, & Q&A with Albert Winks, MS
  • Laser Networking
  • Connecting-with-Purpose
  • Elevating &
  • Celebrating Your Confidence in Your Brand at the Heli Expo & Quad A from
  • Local to Global!!!

1. Offer

  • 2-Hour FREE Tips, Best Practices, & live Q&A with Ascension Founder | President [former MEDEVAC Pilot] Albert Winks, MS
  • Ongoing [before, during, & after the Expo] Training, Networking, Connecting-with-Purpose, on the Floor of the Expo with Ascension Founder | President [former MEDEVAC Pilot] Albert Winks, MS

This is an amazing opportunity to Initiate, Elevate, & Celebrate Your Personal Branding from Local to Global!!!


FREE [2-Hour] Tips, Best Practices, & Q&A with Albert Winks, MS

  • Let’s be clear, most Tips and Best Practices are very simple but Amazingly Important.  For Example…if you’re in Transition, don’t wear your uniform to the Expos.  Be relatable.  A suit and tie isn’t it either so…don’t.  Confidence is key.



Ongoing [before, during, & after the Expo] Training, Laser Networking, Connecting-with-Purpose, on the Floor of the Expo with Ascension Founder | President [former MEDEVAC Pilot] Albert Winks, MS

  • What better way to hit the floor of the  Expo than with Confidence in Your Elevated Personal Brand?!?!
    • Most Pilots-in-Transition lack Confidence on how to translate there Experience and Expertise to the Civilian World.  Don’t worry, I’ll be there with you.  Albert Winks, MS
    • You will walk the floor with me as we Meet & Greet Vendors, Sponsors, Guests, & Friends of the Heli Expo & Quad A.  Who knows what will happen but it will be a Blast!!!


*Please keep in mind, these are Giant Expos so we will all have to be flexible and make the best of our time together.  Enjoy Connecting, Elevating, and Celebrating with Others at the Event. 80% Fun. 20% Business!!!

2. Benefit

ROI (Return On Investment)

ROE (Return On Engagement)

COI (Cost Of Inaction)

I am dedicated to ensuring any Ascension-hosted event is a Solid Accountable, Predictable, & Ongoing ROI & ROE for our Students, Clients, & Guests.  We’ve implemented Accountability Technology to Increase Valuable ROI & ROE and tell the True Success Stories we produce Together!!!


That begins with a Cycle of:

  • Attitude – We are all here to Elevate and Celebrate Personal Branding from Local to Global.
  • Connection – You have to Truly Connect with this event, this cause, and this plan.
  • Implementation – You have to Implement your part in this Success Strategy.
  • Follow Through – You have to Follow Through, Adjust when Necessary, and Continue this Cause.


Join Us!!!

Albert Winks, MS

Founder | President


  • FREE [2-Hour] Tips, Best Practices, & Q&A with Albert Winks, MS (100) – Open Your Mindset to Elevating Your Personal Brand!!!
  • Ongoing [before, during, & after the Expo] Training, Networking, Connecting-with-Purpose, on the Floor of the Expo with Ascension Founder | President [former MEDEVAC Pilot] Albert Winks, MS (30) – Enjoy being one of only 30 Confident Strategic Leaders walking the Expo floor!!!


Cost of Inaction [COI]

Although I can’t predict what you'll make in your lifetime, I would like you to consider what it will Cost you if you don’t take action on Your Vision. 

When I departed the Army in August 2014, I thought I was hot shit and going to blaze into the civilian world with my head held high…and I did…and it cost me dearly. 

I went from $100,000 a year to $0. The VA disability process was a quick, and unpredictable 6-month process where I finally saw SOME money in my checking account. I went from $100k to $22k, divorced and with 2 kids in Texas to pay child support for. If you think the courts cared, they didn’t. I still had to pay based on my PREVIOUS $100k income.

My assets…seized, my car…repossessed. My 3-bedroom apartment…now with 2 college-aged roommates because I can’t afford my rent by myself. I’m a 34-year old war hero and I feel more shame than I’ve ever felt before. Due to Executive Recruiters NOT calling me, I don’t know what to do for myself much less be able to help anyone else.

Police Department Position?…Nope. VA Hospital Position?…Nope. Over 20 USA Jobs Positions?…Nope!!

Flash forwards to today and I’m heading on 38, remarried to a wonderful woman, with a step son and 2 amazingly wild toddler girls [1 & 2]. 

I'm now fulfilled as I get to help Army Pilots get traction on their lives…up to 5 years before they leave the Army. 

I’ve created a Glide Path that allows you to make money for who you are…not what you do. You can use your story to make a living while you’re entering the civilian world. Also, if Matchmaking is part of your plan…I’ve got you covered. It’s not what you know but Who You Know!!! 

Matchmaking is, by design, a better, faster, more cost effective, and fulfilling process because it’s truly filled through Relationships within the Aviation Industry. 

I can’t predict that all the stars will align for your path and process, but I can assure you of what it will cost if you don’t start your traction now!!!

 3. Cost

  • Tips… (100) - FREE
  • Ongoing… (30) – $37


4. Next Steps

Student Registration:

  • Complete Student Registration at your desired level/s and
  • Purchase your Tickets via the Eventbrite link that is shown to you on our Thank You Page
  • Eventbrite is the Final Cash Register so let me know if you hit any complications.